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As Heard On Frank Archives for 2014-08

A disorganized rant: On Cars.


It’s been over one month that my car has been in the shop...or shall I say “shops”-since no one can seem to figure out why my tachometer is bouncing out of control and why my car hesitates to start and sometimes simply doesn’t. And No, it didn’t jump timing…Honestly, I think its haunted. Like, by a ghost or something. It’s the only logical answer. That, OR it might be the car goddesses telling me to follow my dream and buy a sweet VW Westfalia (with the money I don’t have)-heh. Thanks.


I am lucky enough to have friends to carpool with (but I have to get into/leave work on their terms) and I have a boyfriend that has a car, that note: burns oil and such. OOF. To be honest, I’m kind of enjoying this carless time as its far more affordable when you consider that just to get to work, I spend about $200 per month between gas and tolls. However, I feel REALLY dependent…which was not my plan for the age of 28. When I lived in Colorado, I walked nearly everywhere, and it was A-OK, even in a blizzard, because everyone did, and everything was within walking distance. The things that weren’t, were on the FREE city bus route. Cool! I guess my point is that I barely drove in CO and HAD a car, now I am dependent on my wheels and without one. Frustrating.


Do you ever look around in the morning and on the way home from work at the people sharing the road with you? Most cars only have one person in them…the driver. Now, maybe they’re on their way to pick up someone else, you know, to carpool. Probably not though. Carpooling is great concept, especially here in Maine where most  of us commute quite a ways to work in order to make a “living” and the savings on gas could be huge! Now, I wouldn’t mind carpooling with a stranger but I also don’t want to get into a sticky situation having a creepy driver-these things happen in the world. How can I be sure I’m safe if I call 1-800-CAR-POOL for a ride? I can’t. For this week at least, I’ll carpool with my boyfriend…but it’s not really a carpool because he’s driving me IN to work then picking me UP? AHHH. Maybe we’ll just be those people with one car, and we’ll share it. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Now I’m feeling guilty about my carbon footprint. Apparently, I use 35% more than others in the area. *hangs head* More on the carbon footprint another time.


For now, if you see me walking with my thumb out, for the love of shoes, GIMME A LIFT! I’m probably just trying to get to work since my friends quit picking me up due to my long disorganized rants. 



To be continued...




This cat is living a double life. 



I had a cat like this once..  His name was Harvey.  I lived in Florida at the time and my dad wouldn't ever let him come inside, so it's no wonder that he had another family.  Pfft. 


Everything about this story makes me laugh, especially the comments from the other readers.  


Happy Friday!  #notreallyacrazycatlady





With the recent passing of Don Pardo I can't help but think back to some of the great Saturday Night Live days of yesteryear.  I always felt that the one cast member who never fully got his due was the late, great Phil Hartman.  Grantland published a great appreciation of the man known as "The Glue" recently and it's well worth a read.



Check out this adorable couple that has been married for 80 years!


Alright-so basically, if I forgive and forget, I'll have a long-lasting, happy relationship? WHOA, thats a lot to do! No, just isn't really. I don't hold grudges, and can be forgetful so I guess that works out. Ho-hum. 


I do enjoy seeing stories of people who have been together for longer than some people live. Not only is it cute, but it offers up hope and reminds us that a relationship requires work. 



There Are Bugs Dying in Your Pores and Leaking Poop On Your Face





Yesterday was NOT a good day for me.  First, I found out that Tony Soprano didn't die.. Then, I found out Hello Kitty ISN'T really a cat... and now THIS?  


I can't even take it.  


I washed my face after reading this.  TWICE.  With a brush.  


It doesn't make me feel any better knowing that everyone else is afflicted with this too.  


Damn you, science guy.  150 years of research and I'm just hearing about this?  I could have gone my entire life without knowing.  


Again, I say damn you.  *shakes fist*





 I don't even want to post the article on here, so HERE is the link to the story.  Ugh.  I've got to go wash again.  

High school football season is just about here.  Many of us go through life playing to win.  We’re taught sometimes that winning is everything.  On the other hand, some believe we should all get trophies for just showing up.  What if all you do is lose?  Well, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I just read a great piece written by Josh Keefe, a former John Bapst quarterback, who may just be the worst high school quarterback of all time (he says so.)  Take a few moments and read up on how losing (and not giving up) can teach us all good life lessons.


Read the story here

Yup, Homer Simpson has finally taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Watch below:


Maine’s dessert is accurate, and it’s usually a treat I get from the guy dressed like a Blueberry at The Fryeburg Fair. Being from New Jersey, I would say Salt Water Taffy is accurate too, but I can’t stand that crap. Actually, that and rock candy are the only sweets I WON’T eat.


Looking at this map, I think I’m headed to Minnesota and Oregon first and would probably just hang in the West. What state tickles your tastebuds?




If I could wake up and suddenly speak a foreign language it'd probably be French.. Or Italian.. or Mandarin, because, that would be awesome.  


If I could wait up and suddenly have a musical talent, it'd definitely be the piano. 


This little man is a bundle of awesome and I absolutely adore him.  I'd love to spend the day with him and hear his opinion on all sorts of things, and of course I'd ask him to play the piano for me.  


I'm sure I'd be tired after a few hours though because he's OFF THE SCALE in the energy department, but I could match him in the excitement department - because this is how I usually act after a a few cups of coffee and a sugary snack.


Elias is the bomb.  Check out his mad skills!!  Share this post with your friends so they can experience everything about this video, I've personally watched it about 16 times so far.   





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Phil Rudd, AC/DC’s longtime drummer is releasing a solo album called “Head Job” in a matter of days.  I suppose if any member was going to put out a solo number, the (quite fine) drummer of this group would be the last one you’d think to do so.  That said, throughout rock and roll history, plenty of drummers have released solo albums and many have been quite successful.  Here are five essentials:


Phil Collins “Face Value” Yes drummer Bill Bruford wrote in his autobiography that Phil Collins invited him over to his house to have a listen to an album he just completed.  Bruford was expecting something jazzy with vocals, with a progressive tinge like his previous work in Genesis, but instead was bowled over by “serious, dramatic, gut-wrenching soul music.”  The album turned out to be Collins’ solo debut “Face Value.” Many of the songs were influenced by Phil’s marital troubles and subsequent divorce.  It’s still one of his most enduring works, solo or Genesis.



Ringo Starr “Ringo” You definitely want the CD version with bonus tracks to get some of the finest music of Ringo’s solo career here.  From “It Don’t Come Easy” to “Photograph,” to other songs contributed by friends like John Lennon (“I’m The Greatest,”)  this is the closest Ringo would get to a masterpiece like “Band on the Run,” “Imagine” or “All Things Must Pass.”  A fun record!


Don Henley “Building the Perfect Beast”  Henley didn’t play all of the drums on this record (session aces Jim Keltner and Ian Wallace appear in the credits), but it contains some of the most timeless songs of the 1980s, namely “Boys of Summer” and “Sunset Grill.”


Buddy Miles “Them Changes”  Buddy Miles was a very visible drummer in the late 60s/early 70s, playing with Jimi Hendrix, The Electric Flag, Carlos Santana and many other fine acts.  He also carried on a fine solo career, with albums that struck a perfect blend between rock and soul.  He was also a helluva singer.  This album features his biggest hit, “Them Changes,” plus mesmerizing takes on Neil Young’s “Down By The River” and Gregg Allman’s “Dreams.” (Molly Hatchet would base their "Dreams (I've Never Seen)" on the Buddy Miles arrangement and not the Allmans original!)


Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue”  Dennis Wilson wasn’t really known for his voice, though he usually wrote and/or sang lead on a track or two apiece on most Beach Boys albums.  This 1978 classic was, song-for-song, better than anything the Beach Boys were doing around that time.  Wilson’s voice is rough and gravelly but it suits the songs, some introspective, some melancholy, but several have a tinge of that sunny Beach Boys spirit.  “River Song” is a major highlight.


Best. Beers. In. America...according to some guy. 


Interestingly enough, beer has almost become the new wine! It's like, the cool thing to drink, and make, and talk about. More breweries are popping up every day and they are getting more and more creative with the blends of hops and added flavors. My long-standing favorite out of Maine is the Stowaway IPA from Baxter Brewing, I'll drink that beer ANY time of year! A close tie is Allagash White.  I'd say that overall my favorite brand is Dogfish, or Boulder Beer, or wait...AHHH there are so many tasty brews! I really can't choose.


I think we're all proud to be from a state that ranks #14 out of the 50 states for best craft beer. Having lived in Colorado and having experienced the beer/beer culture, it is true...Beer is everywhere there. You could easily try a different beer every single day for years, and not be disappointed. Mmm. So tasty. 


Anywho, do me/us a favor and leave your favorite beer in the comments on FB. Mama is thirsty and lookin' for some new things to try! Have you been to Banded Horn? or Barreled Souls? or tried Bissell Brothers?


P.S. Check out this new brewery in Lyman, Funky Bow



These guys want you to wear their new nail polish...  





Because it could tell you if your drink contains date rape drugs.




Here's how it works. 


1. Apply Undercover Colors Nail Polish.

2. Go on date.

3. Dip finger in drink before you sip.

4. If nail polish changes color, toss in face of date.




I think this is a FANTASTIC idea, even more fantastic that it was created by four male undergraduates at North Carolina State University.  The product is still in development, and you can check out their facebook page here and follow their links on that page to help support them in their endeavor to make it a reality! 


Here's a news article and a video with more info about the product.  





Ok, so at press time, things aren’t good in Red Sox Nation.  Tonight they carry an eight-game losing streak to Toronto.  Two more losses and they match the 10-game losing streak that effectively sank their season back in late spring.  The Red Sox are all but assured to have a bust of a season, a rare worst-to-first-to worst streak that we’ve never seen before as Red Sox fans.  Yeah, it’s a bummer, but I’m not too worried, and unlike the year of Bobby V, I’m still excited to watch them play the rest of the season out.


I think the Red Sox have the right pieces in place to be competitive again, and are just one or two deals away from being a contender again.


Rusney Castillo might be an unproven quantity but scouts have been right on some of the latest Cuban defectors like Jose Abreu, Yasiel Puig, and one of the newest Red Sox, Yoenis Cespedes (who's definitely been a difference in the lineup and in the field with that cannon arm so far).  There’s a chance we could see Castillo in some playoff games with the SeaDogs, and maybe even on the big league club to get our first look at what he can do before the season ends at the end of September.


Yeah, Jackie Bradley Jr. has been dynamite in the field but barely a spark at the plate, but I’m hoping he has a future with the club at least as a fourth outfielder if he can’t figure out how to get back to basics at the plate.  I’m not worried about Xander Boegarts either.  He showed us what he can do at the end of last season and at the start of this season.  He will benefit from a fresh start next year.


In terms of pitching, I’m one of those people that thinks Lester is not coming back, as much as I’d like to see that happen.  Of all of the minor league prospects that have thrown this year, I have a strong feeling that Rubby De La Rosa is the real deal, and I have pretty high hopes for Henry Owens, who we may well see next year.  I also think that knuckleballer Steven Wright will find his way to the club and get some regular starts in the next couple of years as well.  We haven’t seen or heard about him much, but I like what I’ve seen.  On top of all that, you know the Red Sox will need an ace, and will be in play for Max Scherzer and Cole Hamels.  And Clay Buchholz, well, given his pattern of recent years, maybe an odd-numbered year means he will be lights out next year.


It’s been pretty rewarding being a Sox fan in recent years, though some of those highs come with some lows.  I’ll take a tough season here and there if it means championships every few years or so.


That said, I hear there’s a team called the Patriots that have a season coming up… anyone know anything about this?


--Leif Erickson

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If I were to ask myself that same question, I would have to answer "No" since I haven't had a car for over one month now...The 3 mechanics that have looked at it are stumped. OOF. How frustrating. At least I don't have to worry about my car being stolen...for now. 


However, the number of cars that get stolen every year is frightening and it doesn't always happen in big cities! A car gets stolen every 45 seconds. Is your car on the list?! Check it out here!

Moving in together?  It’s a BIG step in the relationship!!




I’ve been dating Andy for 5 months, and not only have we not discussed moving in together, I daresay neither of us has even thought about it.  


Not to mention, I’m in the process of buying a house and he’s already got one… in New Hampshire. 


After reading this article, I have to admit, I was impressed by the answers given by the folks who took the survey, especially considering their ages.


Take a look at these helpful tips before you sign an apartment lease together to determine whether or not you’re ready to take the plunge! 







We started off our Block Party Weekend with a Beatles block, and wrapped it up with "Hey Jude." The track is truly a monumental recording by a band known for many monumental recordings, The Beatles.  While the first three minutes of the song consist of classic McCartney lyrics and melodies, it’s the long, drawn out coda that truly defines this song.  The repetition and continuous buildup in the latter half of the song makes you completely lose track of how long you’ve been listening to the song, and not all long songs have that sort of power for a pop audience.  Let’s not forget, a rock n’roll single in 1968 was rarely longer than four or five minutes, let alone seven minutes, but in its original form “Hey Jude” spent nine weeks at number one here in the States and endures as one of the Beatles’ greatest releases.


Naturally, many artists have followed up “Hey Jude” with their own take on the song, with elongated singalong choruses defining the second half of the song.  Here are five of my favorites:


Doobie Brothers “Black Water” (1974)  Though not terribly long at the end, who hasn’t sung “I wanna hear some funky Dixieland” repeatedly, wishing maybe the record played just a little longer?


Donovan “Atlantis”  (1969)  One of Donovan’s best loved and last major chart hits.  Also known as the song played in Goodfellas after Billy Batts taunted Joe Pesci one too many times.


Todd Rundgren “Chain Letter” (1971) Todd was undoubtedly hugely influenced by the Beatles.  This might be my favorite “Hey Jude” knockoff.

David Bowie “Memory of a Free Festival” (1969)  From Bowie’s short-lived hippie folk days.  Bowie gives this singalong a communal, Woodstock/Isle of Wight setting.


George Harrison “Isn’t It A Pity” (1970)  A song that may or may not reference the bitter, dysfunctional last couple of years of the Beatles’ life, George subconsciously steals a page from the “Hey Jude” playbook, with a dreary but beautiful playout, enhanced by the rich, echoey production of Phil Spector.


--Leif Erickson


AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd said in a recent interview that the band will tour. 

This year marks AC/DC's 40th anniversary, and it was rumored that the band would celebrate by playing 40 shows in 40 cities around the world. And while no dates or locations have been announced yet, Phil says: "There will be another tour, and I will be on that"


As Malcolm Young continues to deal with an unspecified illness/medical situation (rumors say possibly a stroke), the guitarist on the tour will be Stevie Young. He's the nephew of Angus and Malcolm Young, and he toured with the band once before in 1988, when Mal had to do a little stint in rehab due to alcoholism.


The band spent the month of May  recording in Vancouver. No title or release date has been announced yet, but expect a new AC/DC album sometime soon.


Also, Phil Rudd will release his first solo album Head Job on August 29th.


Click here to read more on the latest AC/DC news.


As a wedding DJ for the past 20 years, I've seen these wedding crimes commited over and over again. Your wedding can be just about what makes YOU happy, or, you can try to remember that people have given up an entire day to be there for YOUR special day. Make your day move along as easy as possible with these tips



Thanks to TV shows and news stories from around the country, we've all been made aware of the nightmare that is 'THE PAGEANT MOM'.  



From the mothers who stuff false teeth into their daughters mouths, to the mothers who shave/pluck and wax their little bitty daughters, to the mother who gave her 8 year old botox.. Yeah, remember her??  UGH. 





As sad as that is... THIS mother takes the cake.  

**just reading the article and the comments from the nurse at the hospital & what SHE saw,  made me want to throw up, prepare yourself before reading if you've got a weak stomach**


That being said... Never in my wildest dreams, could I ever, EVER knowingly give my daughter a capsule that contained TAPEWORM EGGS to 'help her slim down' for a pageant.  



Here's a picture of MY daughter we took on Mother's Day 2014.


She's beautiful, kind, generous and sweet.  To me, she is perfect just the way she is. I'd never compromise her health, wellbeing or mental state just because I wanted her to look prettier, be thinner or win a 'beauty' pageant. 


What's happening in this world? 




I've always known the value of a dollar, but it's never seemed more important to me than it has THIS year...  I've been under contract to buy a house since May (It's a short sale, and ironically, the term 'short sale' is nothing like what this process has been..) and I've been pinching, saving, scrimping and struggling to make home ownership a reality for myself.  I'll get there eventually, and things will be fine, but I gotta wonder... maybe I should have looked for a house in Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas instead of Maine.  The commute would have been pretty tough, and I don't think I'd like getting up earlier than I already do - Plus, I'm a Maniac through and through, Maine is home.   BUT, perhaps I should consider vacationing to TN?  I've never been to Graceland and I hear that the BBQ is out of this world!  






The Real Value of $100 in Each State

This tax map shows the real value of $100 in each state. Because average prices for similar goods are much higher in California or New York than in Mississippi or South Dakota, the same amount of dollars will buy you comparatively less in the high-price states, or comparatively more in low-price states. 


For example, Tennessee is a low-price state, where $100 will buy what would cost $110.25 in another state that is closer to the national average. You can think of this as meaning that Tennesseans are about ten percent richer than their nominal incomes suggest.


The states where $100 is worth the least are the District of Columbia ($84.60), Hawaii ($85.32), New York ($86.66), New Jersey ($87.64), and California ($88.57). That same money goes the furthest in Mississippi ($115.74), Arkansas ($114.16), Missouri ($113.51), Alabama (113.51), and South Dakota ($113.38).



For the entire article, click here




He may not be a name you associate with rock and roll, but the great Kenny Rogers turns 76 today.  Yes, he’s something of a nostalgia act nowadays.  He’s had plastic surgery that would make Joan Rivers blush. You have to go to Malaysia to find a Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant nowadays (the man made a fine bird, right, Kramer?) However, there’s no doubting his legendary status.  He’s always been a top-tier singer and entertainer, he possessed one of music’s finest beards in the 70s and 80s, and, let’s face it: you don’t have to like country music to love “The Gambler.”


That said, many people have forgotten that ol’ Kenny was once a psychedelic rocker in his first big band, The First Edition.  If you have a good memory for late sixties pop/rock, or you’re just a fan of “The Big Lebowski,” then you know Kenny’s first big hit, “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In.)”  A far cry from “Lady,” no?




Happy birthday, Kenny Rogers, and don’t eat the brown acid!

Southern Maine is getting outside this weekend. If you aren't getting in on the madness, chances are, someone you know, or work with, is...




I did a Tough Mudder in New Hampshire last summer and it was one of the best things I ever did! Crawling through mud, getting electrocuted, and jumping into/swimming through a dumpster full of ice barely sounds enjoyable but its the satisfaction of training for months and completing the 10-12 mile course that makes it worth it. You just feel like a beast and it's AWESOME. Plus, it's for a good cause, nearly 6 million dollars has been raised for The Wounded Warrior Project! I won't be in on the fun this year since I've been lazy but if you're fit and into it, there are still some spots open to join in on Sunday. OOH-RA (that's the TM chant)  


BUT WAIT, There's more...


Rev 3 Triathlon: OOB 8/24 (other gatherings/events start Friday 8/22)

Maybe you're more into Triathalons? You've seen the cool stickers "Swim, Bike, Run"--NOT "Run, Swim, Bike" or "Bike, Bike, Run"--Legs, arms, and core need to be in tip-top shape (if you want to win, that is) AND it costs a pretty penny to participate. I don't have that kind of bod, or that kind of loot, but I will be cheering on my friends that are hardcore enough to get down with this Olympic Length Tri. 

P.S. If you aren't racing, or cheering, I'd steer clear of OOB this weekend...a madhouse it shall be. Maybe take a cruise up to, over to, or down to the Mid-coast. 

REV3 MAINE Triathlon 2013 (Pro Recap) from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

Like many others I binge watched Breaking Bad so whenever I see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul together I'm hooked. -Stan



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Frustrated mom invents an app to get her kids to return her calls/texts! 



Her children would ignore her calls and texts so mom decided to do something about it.


She decided that she needed an app that would shut their phones completely down until they called her back, and then she researched how to make the app a reality. 


After months of design and working with developers, she created the “Ignore No More” app.  With one tap, a list of only parent-selected contacts come up. The child can call, get the password and unlock the phone. 


The app takes away texting and gaming as well as calls to friends, but the child will always be able to call 911.  So far, the app seems to be a success, but right now the “Ignore No More” app is only available for Android phones on Google Play.



I've been talking to you about the Ford Fusion over the last few weeks on the show. Now I get to show you the Ford Fusion. -Stan


Now here is my tour of the 2014 Ford Escape!



The Oxford Dictionary has added some new words... We can't promise that you'll like them any more than we did.   Pffft!! 





If you haven't seen this yet, it is definitely worth your time. Comedian Norm MacDonald tweets a story about the first time he met Robin Williams. Click here to read it.

WOW.  This is amazing!! 




7 smells that can improve your day 










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